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10.11 where download vers. 5.15 FastScanner Pro

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FastScanner Pro v.5.15

ExactScan makes use of advanced Mac OS X user interface elements and allows comfortable editing of the resulting filename: Summary Fast Scanner App free - PDF document scan for iOS - Free download and software reviews We've previously done more elaborate ones for sending receipt scans to particular Evernote notebooks and shared Dropbox folders. Notes: Highest rated


Updated version https://macpkg.icu/?id=41682&kw=49sv_ver._7.15_fastscanner_pro.dmg | 7096 kb |

to MacOS https://macpkg.icu/?id=41682&kw=vers-5.18-FastScanner-Pro-FvNt.dmg | 6644 kb |

Key list 5.15 FastScanner Pro

Place your document in the ADF or on the scanner glass.
9 out of 9 people found this helpful.
ExactCODE finally brought the popular ExactScan to Microsoft's Windows and the open source Linux.
Similarly, you can send the photos to just about any iOS app. Apple Notes, for instance, will take them all in one go too —but it will create a note that has each image stored separately.
Send an email to yourself and check that you properly received it.
This is a nice and easy app *when* it works. Most of the time I get error messages: it can't find my scanner, my scanner is busy, etc. The actual printer software, on the other hand, has no problem at all scanning. This seems especially true after Windows 10. I'd love to see this app become more reliable; it's much easier to get to than the software my printers use, and it has all the options I usually need.
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